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The ETF and You: What Bitcoin’s Big News Means - 07.03.2016

The latest news in the Bitcoin space is one that has been in the making for four years: the Winklevoss’ twins Bitcoin ETF will soon be accepted, or rejected, by the Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC). This decision will leave ripples in Bitcoin’s history, and it’s the first step to legitimizing Bitcoin’s acceptance with the general public.

Bitcoin: the Technology That Just Won’t Die - 17.01.2017

Like most Bitcoin fans out there, I talk about Bitcoin a lot. From the person sitting next to me on the plane to the waiter serving my table drinks, every chance I get I end up talking about Bitcoin. This isn’t something I intentionally force on people, it’s something that just naturally ends up fitting into so many different conversations and every time a Bitcoin conversation starts, I eventually am asked the same question...

A New Year of Success In Mining! - 04.01.2017

Wow. What a year it’s been! 2016 was full of exciting news in the world of cryptocurrency: we’ve seen continued innovation amidst the blockchain; we’ve seen a steady growth of Bitcoin and increasing global acceptance of the currency; and of course, we’ve seen a growth of BTC-BASE Mining in both our bitcoin farm hardware and customer base.

Ohidul Islam

Developer, Dhrubok